NE Apartment

It is located in Tokyo, is called "NE apartment" and is the work of Japanese architects Yuji Nakae, Akiyoshi Takagi and Hirofumi Ohno. In a "C" shape, it allows its "motorcycling residents" to have a unique access to their apartments: from the street directly into their homes! They're only eight units that form a small homely complex of sinuous and extremely modern shapes.

As this is a building especially made for people who can't live without a noisy motor, the acoustical isolation also needed to be perfect. So, even the biggest motors from Harleys, Hayabusas, etc. won't bother the neighbours. Even though the inhabitant of this type of building shouldn't really mind this type of noise. On the contrary.

A large entrance in a smooth curve guarantees a maximum use of each apartment, as they are connected. This isn't a problem though, because they are all placed in a way that assures each a different view of the outside. The radial shape itself, aside from allowing the motorbikes to be easily handled, also give the illusion of a more spacious environment. The construction techniques used are pretty complex, because they must guarantee, aside from the solidity and security obvious in a project, a lot of curves and walls that should allow, at the same time, comfort, practicality and privacy.


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