Sky Factory Virtual Windows

The Sky Factory creates illusions of blue skies, landscapes and even deep space and makes them available for installation in homes, businesses or to anyone wanting to create a sense of well being in their space. Installation includes options for ceilings as well as walls, and there are quite a bit of scenes to choose from. Studies have shown that the sight of blue skies and nature create a calming effect of deep relaxation and inner peace, which is why they're so popular in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and cancer facilities, but just as effective in residential spaces as well.

In one of the photos in particular below, a man creates an amazing room in honor of his favorite movie, Star Wars. Created for his children as a getaway and a distraction from television, this large basement is now a dreamlike family room which gives a feeling of being in a spacecraft. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Make sure to take a look at their Portfolio and Image Catalog while your there.


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